Harmonie USA Boody Call Candle, Spray, and Perfume Rollers Are Scented With A Custom Blend of exotic, non-toxic fragrances. fragranceHarmonie USA Boody Call Candle, Spray, and Perfume Rollers Are Scented With A Custom Blend of exotic, non-toxic fragrances. fragrance
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We have a growing portfolio of natural fragrance collections expressed in non-toxic candles, sprays, lotions, soaps, lip balms, and perfume rollers.
The Santal Fragrance Ensemble - Harmonie Home & Body
The Santal Fragrance Ensemble
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A unisex fragrance that blends woodsy and sweet scents, Santal, from the Sedona Sky Collection, is available in non-toxic lotions, rollers, sprays and candles. Blended locally in Arizona, the Santal fragrance collection is unique and has wide appeal that exudes warmth and refined sophistication.

made with coconut wax

Our hand poured candles are made from non-toxic Coconut Wax, we use only luxury oils for our superior scents, and a 100% USA sourced braided cotton wick. Our Coconut Wax burns cleaner and longer than most common soy or beeswax based candles.
Best Smelling. Long Lasting.


80 Hour Average Burn Time.
Wild Ginger Ensemble By Harmonie Home & Body
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Promises Kept

Wild Ginger Body Lotion - Harmonie Home & Body
Wild Ginger Body Lotion
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This Custom Scent Is Blended With Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Aloe Creme, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Jojoba with Distilled Water.

We Use A Non-Toxic Method Penetrating Your Skin Quickly With A Soft And Non-Greasy Application Leaving Only A Natural Coconut Oil Sheen And Our Unique Citrus And Sandalwood Blended Scent.

Our Wild Ginger is Designed To Be The Best Smelling, Best Feeling, And Longest Lasting Lotion You Can Buy.


Sedona Sky Lavender Natural Lotion Goes On Quickly With No Greasy Residue.  Sedona Sky Lavender Uses Naturally Sourced Oils, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Creme, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E And Coconut Oiil/
Hand & Body Lotion
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Blue Birch - Harmonie Home & Body
Blue Birch
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It's A Crisp Winter Day And The Sun Is Bright.  This Winter Walk Smells Fresh And Natural And Is Full Of Bergamot, Spruce, And Amber Musk.   

First, you should know that Winter is not our favorite season, but this is our favorite scent for its fresh and clean fragrant mood.

Blue Birch brightens up any day or night regardless of the season.  It Is reminiscent of a pristine forest in the mountains.

We Use Only 100% Cotton Wicks With No Lead To Keep Your Rooms Free Of Black Smoke Sediment Upon Blowing The Candle Out Until The Next Use.

Blue Birch Is A Clean Scent No Matter The Season!

Elegant Diffusers
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Essential Oil Fragrance
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Accessible Luxury.

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