The Best Use Of Our Candles


Why Coconut Wax and High Quality Natural Oil?

We use food grade coconut wax and high quality natural oil fragrances due to the superior quality, longer, and cleaner burn times unique to this exclusive formulation.

This coconut wax formulation for our candle collections has eco-friendly advantages over traditional soy based products that do not burn as long or cleanly.  Our candles are hand poured in small lots of about 100 at a time.

This fragrant oil also provides a more sophisticated fragrance than typical soy based products that are often heavily scented.  Those candles overpower your home with scents too strong for most people very quickly.

Our goal is to deliver the best fragrances with the freshest air during your experience.  These candles do not leave black smoke trails common to many machine made—or mass produced brands—found on the most popular online sites and in big box retail stores. 

It is best to light your candle for at least 60 minutes at a time to get the softest glow and best scent distribution.  Our delightful scents come from the melt pool of oil that forms on the top of your candle.  This first hour sets the candle's scent memory through the melt pool to deliver the unique fragrant experience.

Who knew this simple pleasure was so complex?  Well, now you do as a Harmonie Home & Body consumer.  So, please tell your friends.

We use 100% cotton wicks anchored to the bottom of the glass to throw an clean yet elegant flame. This technique also eliminates drowning the wick in a waxy build up reducing the candle’s effectiveness.

Now you know our candle’s pleasing and sophisticated scent is a result of the robust fragrant oil pooling on the top of the candle.  Our coconut wax candles burn at very low temperatures allowing the oil to burn slowly and evenly. 

It is important to remember that our 8 oz coconut oil candle will be effective in most 20’ by 20’ rooms.  The scent will distribute throughout most enclosed spaces during prolonged usage. The longer it burns. The more fragrant it becomes in your home.

We recommend that you nip the top of the wick after each use and then lightly wipe the inside of the glass with a tissue.  This will keep your candle in the best condition.