Wild Ginger Ensemble

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The Wild Ginger Ensemble Is A Series Of Unique Fragrance Blends Offering A Layering Of Exotic Natural Oils Delivering A Sophisticated Scent Experience Reminiscent Of High End Perfumes.

This Collection Uses Natural Coconut Wax And Braided 100% Cotton Wicks For The Same Long and Clean Burn Times Common With All Of Our Hand Poured, Small Lot Products.

Wild Ginger

The Wild Ginger Ensemble Throws The Exotic Scent Of Wild Ginger In An 8 Oz Candle, A 3.4 Oz Room & Fabric Spray, And A 1.2 Oz Perfume Roller.

The Harmonie Collection Uses Our Most Exotic Scents Blending Unique And More Familiar Essential Oils To Create Something Unexpected.How Did This Happen?

The Wild Ginger Fragrance Is Actually One Of Our Best Mistakes. 

We Were Working Late One Night Developing New Products When We Added Ginger To A Compelling Mix Of Patchouli Oil-Sandalwood, Rosewood, And A Unintended (Secret) Essential Oil By Mistake. 

Wild Ginger Has Been Tested And Sampled By Some Of Our Most Loyal Customers And Toughest Critics.

This Scent Is Pleasing But Not Overpowering With A One-Of-A-Kind Bouquet.

The Spray Is An Immediate Room Enhancement And Works Great As A Fabric Spray For Bed Lines, Bath Towels, And Even Your Mask. The Perfume Roller Is Perfect For Your Pocket, Your Purse, Or Your Desk Drawer. 

The Ensemble Is Priced At $95.00. The Candle, Spray, And Perfume Roller Can Be Purchased As Single Items. 

Hint:  If You Use The Code Hobo-15 At Checkout You Can Save 15% When You Purchase All Three Wild Ginger Products.



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These candles are worth it. They last a long time and smell great. I have bought several and especially love the Santal Desire Scent.

Rachel W.
Los Angeles, CA

Lavender is my favorite fragrance. This Lavender candle and spray always delivers.

Nancy W
Chicago, IL

Non-Toxic Coconut Wax

Burns Cleaner And Longer

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